Code of Conduct

DawnFM Code of Conduct:

  • Mission Statement: We are going to be the best radio station, with the best music for the Haeata Aranui, Wainoni & Avondale communities.

  1. In conjunction with the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice, standards of broadcast between the hours of 8.00am and 4:00pm shall be of a level that caters to the general community. The choices of music, issues and language shall reflect that standard. No explicit or offensive language shall be broadcast during this time.
  2. Standards of broadcast outside of the hours of 8.00am to 4:00pm shall meet the requirements of the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice, which is on display in the studio.
  3. Announcers shall be members of the DawnFM Radio Team.
  4. Announcers should role model great behaviours. We pledge not to drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke in the studio nor eat food or drink over the equipment. Toast and toasters are not permitted in the studio at any time.
  5. Announcers and DJs are responsible for their own opinions and ideas. We do not speak on behalf of the station or school when on-air or at any other time.
  6. Only members of DawnFM shall be allowed in the studio, unless supervised by a teacher.
  7. The announcers shall respect the contents of the studio and at all times, report any damage or loss to a teacher and leave the studio in a tidy state. All rubbish is to be removed from the studio at the end of the shift.
  8. Announcers shall respect other announcers, shall not engage in physical or provocative acts towards other announcers, nor shall in any way interfere with the broadcast of any other announcer.
  9. We will keep our studio secure. We won’t pass on a keycard or fob to a 3rd party, including other DJs, unless authorised by a teacher.
  10. Announcers shall inform the station manager, as soon as possible if they are unable to make their scheduled broadcast. An announcer missing two consecutive scheduled broadcasts without good reason shall be considered to be in breach of this code, unless they have cleared to before.
  11. After completing a show the announcer must ensure that the Radio software is playing, the doors are locked and the studio is tidy