DawnFM Complaint Process

You can phone or write to the broadcaster to make a complaint.

If you want a response or the option to escalate your complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) later, you need to send them a formal complaint.

You can complain about:

  • good taste and decency
  • law and order
  • balance
  • fairness
  • discrimination
  • accuracy
  • the protection of children
  • violence
  • the promotion of alcohol
  • your privacy.

You’ll also need to know:

  • the date of the broadcast
  • the time of the broadcast
  • the title of the programme

After a broadcaster receives your complaint, they have 20 working days to send you a decision. They have to:

  • send you a written response
  • tell you whether or not they agree with you, and if they're going to do anything about it
  • let you know that you can refer your complaint to the BSA if you’re not happy.

They can ask you for another 20 working days if your complaint is complex — but they have to ask before the original 20 working days are up.

If you haven't had any response in 20 working days, you can take your complaint directly to the BSA.

Note: There are no "working days" between December 25 and January 15.